Kate Martin

$32,485 in students loans paid in full!

This personal victory is the result of tremendous investments and generous wisdom of OTHERS. To anyone burdened by debt of any kind, @daveramsey is your guy! The #debtsnowball, #gazelleintensity and embracing the habitual use of “NO” are incredibly effective. 13 months of #daveramseyapproved living accounted for 2/3 of total debt paid and a lifetime ahead of financial FREEDOM.
@UVA supporters are WILDLY generous. Thanks to AccessUVA for the means to attend Virginia. For anyone considering UVA, it is absolutely worth the investment, and is becoming more affordable every day (right, @presjimryan!?). I remain indebted to this place for friendships and opportunities beyond my highest expectations.
Thanks to my very best pals and favorite mentors for being my own personal #debtfreecommunity. You saved me from making some very rash, ill-advised financial decisions -- and you make life awesome all the time.
My Dave Ramsey adventure technically spanned just over a year, a timeline which pales in comparison to the literal lifetimes of generosity of which I’m a beneficiary: my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and most especially, [my wonderful, attentive, selfless] parents live their lives **constantly** to better mine. I am certain the way they poured into me from the start prepared me, first, for a Virginia education, and now, for the opportunity to pay it off! Thank you. Abby, Mitchell, Clayton, Laney, Peyton, and G, you are next!
Side by side with Dave, @andystanley and @craiggroeschel transformed my understanding of wealth and opened my eyes to financial stewardship. I have been tremendously blessed by Give•Save•Live (and have seen it in action thanks to very dear friends!).
ABOVE ALL — thanks be to God who meets us where we are (no matter the mess); who multiples, and who gives immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine; and, who offers us freedom from a debt that no amount of budgeting could ever afford. May we each lean into that gift today. To Him be all the glory!
Proverbs 22:7 | Romans 13:8 | Proverbs 13:20
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