At 3, Mason understands saving up for what you want

Guys. This week has been huge for this kid. Kyle & I both read #smartmoneysmartkids by @daveramsey last year. At 3 Mason saved up money he earned, to reach his goal of getting a bubble lawn mower and nerf gun. He has wanted these two things for so long, but knew he had to work hard for them. He could have bought candy or other toys, but he went in so proud knowing he reached his goal and went straight for what he had worked towards.

Kyle and I became debt free in less than two years of graduating college. The amount of loans we had was overwhelming (new car + school) but we did it. It wasn’t easy at all, but I’m so thankful I had a husband that was determined to set us up for the best possible future. We get made fun of often for our budget, but none of that matters because I am so proud of how far ahead we’ve gotten financially. Now we get to instill this in our kids, and this smile and beaming pride is 100% worth it. .
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